MBA students can access IT resources and services successfully by logging in with their CEIBS account.  Please make sure to keep your password safe. For security purposes, the password should be changed every three months, and it can be changed through CEIBS iCampus or Webmail interface. If your password has expired or if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it through CEIBS iCampus.

You can check the below guides for your reference.

  1. How to Reset CEIBS Account Password

Please note the password should be complied with strong password policy, please find detail in below,

The password is not allowed the same as the previous two.
The password does not contain the username.
The password does not contain more than 2 consecutive characters of the user’s account and display name.
The password is at least eight characters long.
The password must contain the following three categories:
    Latin uppercase letters (A through Z)
    Latin lowercase letters (a through z)
    Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

PS. non-alphanumeric characters such as: exclamation mark(!), dollar sign ($), number sign (#), or percent (%) is optional to add.