Supported File Type

*Recommend you to save document as pdf file before print, if content contains complex format or font.

*Text type page is supported better than multimedia type page, so please try to save multimedia type page as pdf file before print.

*Print job in system expires after 24 hours.



Use your web browser to upload and print a document to printers. Now the service is only available in campus network environment.

1. Access,  click to change display language on the top right corner if necessary, then click “Select Files”,  choose "black & white/color", "Single-Side/Duplex-Long/ShortEdge" and "Paper Type" on demand to print. Please notice color printing is always charged for rate. 

2. Use CEIBS Username and Password to login, if your email address is ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’, please input ‘abc’ as username.

3. Job task will send to printer server, you could login nearby printer to get your paper.